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wedding. Frankie has almost made herself sick with elaborate preparations
for her daughter Tina Jo's antebellum-inspired wedding, and the rumor mill in
their small town of Fayro, Texas, is working overtime. No surprise there, the
Futrelle Sisters have never been strangers to gossip. After all, they did
survive the scandalous breakup of their almost-famous gospel singing trio,
The Sermonettes. But Twink's desperate attempts to get her boyfriend of
fifteen-and-one-half years down the aisle, Frankie's ongoing conversations
with their dead mother, and Honey Raye's tendency to race to the altar at
every opportunity have kept tongues wagging for years.

In spite of her own marital problems, Frankie has held steadfastly to the hope
that she can pull off one "final Futrelle occasion" with elegance and style with
the help of the cantankerous wedding coordinator, Miss Geneva, who runs
the local floral shop/bus depot.

"This knee-slapping show will leave you chuckling all the way home from the
antics of the Futrelle sisters and the rest of the residents of Fayro Texas!"
101 School Street
Cumming, GA 30040

Feb 3-27, 2011

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