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A fairy tale written & directed by Mercury - Performed March 2008
The King regales the Prince with a story
"An evil Dragon has captured the Princess of Redyon.  Will the Prince be able to
rescue her?  Can the King finally defeat his nemesis?  Or will the Wizard triumph
over the Dragon using his magic?  Join us and find out what happens in the magical
Kingdom of Redyon when the Dragon comes rampaging!"

This story demonstrates that good & evil are not always what they seem, what happens
when the truth is not told, and how to right what has been wrong.  Filled with magic,
alchemy and a dragon with fire effects (safely of course), hundreds of children giggled
and "oohed and ahhed" right to the end where the secret of the cups is revealed.
The Prince is bemused by the Messenger
The Messenger fears for his life!
The Princess is held captive by the Dragon
The Dragon tells his version of the story...
The Wizard frozen by the Dragon's magic.
The Dragon acquiesces to the Prince
Happily ever after!
Curtain call.
We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.
~Gypsy Proverb~

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Joey Waldrop - King/Dragon
Mitch Rosewall - Prince
Suzanne Milton - Queen/Princess
James McCoy - Wizard/Messenger
All photos by Olivia Romero © 2008